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Good news and bad news: You’ve found my blog.  That’s the bad news, because if you read too much of it, you’ll probably tire of my rants. The good news is that you’re at least reading my blog.

I am a technology company CEO and adviser. I am currently the COO of AutoLoop, a next-generation provider of software for the automotive industry. I am also the chairman of the SaaS Docker monitoring company, Meros.io; sit on the boards of Malwarebytes and KnowBe4; am the executive chairman of Runaware, a Swedish SaaS company; and I’m on the advisory board of the Antimalware Standards Testing Organization (AMTSO). Most recently, I was on the boards of Google/Harvard joint-venture, StopBadware (now part of Tulsa University) and BlueStripe Software (now part of Microsoft).

I am considered by some to be an expert in security. That’s the PR line, I suppose. But I have written a lot about the subject. I got tired of writing about what seemed to be same thing, again and again, so I started writing about corporate management. No one really cares about corporate management. They care about stuff that’s scary. So I still write about security.

I was formerly the president of GFI Software’s security division, and for eight years, was the CEO of Sunbelt Software (now ThreatTrack Security).  I started my career at Borland, spent many years at Quartederdeck (now Symantec), had a few startups along the way, and generally have been more lucky than particularly talented.

You can read more about me by going to my main site at
www.eckelberry.com or just go to LinkedIn.

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